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Enjoy an easier life without the need to wash your windows on a regular basis – talk to the team at Doncaster Glass & Glazing Ltd in South Yorkshire about self cleaning glass! It’s a game-changer.

Conservatory roof


We all want to enjoy as much natural light in our homes or business properties as we can, but all that glass comes with a catch – keeping it clean! Window cleaning is time-consuming and dull, and hiring someone else to take care of it is an additional expense, which nobody wants. If only it could clean itself…

Doncaster Glass & Glazing Ltd can provide you with self cleaning glass that will make life simple as regular cleaning is unnecessary. To find out more, or to request a free, no obligation quote, just contact the team today.

Window Cleaning Equipment
A modern office building


Self cleaning glass is simply regular glass with a special coating that utilises two separate processes to keep the glass clean and free from marks. This coating is photocatalytic and hydrophilic – photocatalytic means that the coating reacts to the UV radiation in sunlight, breaking down any dirt or grime.

The hydrophilic nature of the coating stops water from beading up when it rains, instead allowing it to run off almost immediately, washing away the residue left when dirt is broken down.

Cafe Window
Glass facade of a modern office building


The coating used for self cleaning glass is designed to last for as long as the glass itself, so you won’t need to have it reapplied during the lifetime of the window. You can enjoy clean, streak-free windows without any hassle, and avoid the expense of a window cleaner, or the effort of doing it yourself.

Because your window is cleaned by rain, there are no unpleasant cleaning chemicals required, making it an environmentally friendly option, and it’s perfect for large areas of glass, such as conservatories. In short, self cleaning glass is a great option for your property.

Woman sat next to a window


If you like the sound of windows that clean themselves without any effort on your part, get in touch with the team at Doncaster Glass & Glazing Ltd in South Yorkshire today.

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