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Two koi in a pond


If you want a pond that stands out, a viewing window can offer a whole new perspective. Doncaster Glass & Glazing Ltd in South Yorkshire manufactures pond glass for viewing windows.

Lotus in Bloom


A pond is a lovely feature to have in a garden, adding that something special. In many cases, an above ground pond is simpler than a sunken pond, and tends to be safer for small children and pets. If you’re considering an above ground pond for your garden, a pond window is a wonderful way to enjoy it even more, as it allows you to see the fish far more clearly.

We supply pond glass for projects of this sort, working with customers throughout South Yorkshire.

Koi Carp in a pond
Japanese Carp with Maple Leaves in the pond


If you’ve ever had a pond before then you may well have noticed that it can be hard to really see the fish in it when looking from above. With pond plants in the way and the distorting effects of the water itself, it’s not easy to get a good view.

A viewing window changes all that, offering a clear and unobstructed way to view your fish. Not only is that an attractive addition to your pond, it also makes it easier to visually monitor their health, making a practical addition to your pond.

Group of orange, yellow and white koi in a pond
water droplet in a pond


Because we’re one of South Yorkshire’s most experienced and reputable glass manufacturing companies, we pride ourselves on what we do, and that includes offering great value for money. Our pond glass is always competitively priced, and we have a great reputation for quality.

If you’d like to talk to a member of the team about what we can do and request a free, no obligation quote, please get in touch today. We’ll be happy to help.

A school of koi carp


Doncaster Glass & Glazing Ltd in South Yorkshire can supply you with pond glass for viewing windows. All glass is cut to order – contact the team today to let us know what you need.

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