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Fire resistant glass is there to help give you and your team time to evacuate the premises in the event of a fire. Doncaster Glass & Glazing Ltd supplies fire resistant glass in South Yorkshire.

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Every business has to take safety seriously, and ensuring that you have appropriate fire safety measures in place is a core part of that. Anything that you can do to slow the spread of a fire will allow you and your team more time to evacuate safely, and for the fire brigade to attend and extinguish the fire.

If you’re upgrading your premises and want to improve fire safety, then fire resistant glass can make a real difference. Speak to our team today to find out more.

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Emergency fire doors in a supermarket


Fire resistant glass offers passive protection in the event of a fire. That means that, while it doesn’t stop a fire from starting, or actively help to extinguish it, it can significantly impede the spread of fire. Fire resistant glass can help to contain the blaze and stop it from tearing right through your property.

It is more resistant to heat than regular glass, and therefore slower to break, which can also help to stop smoke from spreading, protecting your team. It’s a simple and effective way to improve your fire safety.

Open space in front of fire doors in an office building
fire in the window of a building


As well as fire resistant glass, Doncaster Glass & Glazing can supply your business with fire resistant insulated glass units (IGU). These are a great way to install fire resistant glass in your premises, and combine the benefits of integrated double glazed units with the safety aspects of fire resistant glass.

Our fire resistant IGU are rated by the length of time they are designed to survive in a fire, making them ideal for a range of applications. We can discuss your requirements with you – just get in touch.

Fire Damaged Glass


Doncaster Glass & Glazing Ltd is the team to choose when you need fire resistant glass. We can work with you to protect your property and team. We cover all of South Yorkshire.

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